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px7IRequest Interface Reference

The uuid is a unique number identifying the interface normally called IID. More...

#include <px7IRequest.idl>

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Public Methods

string getServerName ()
string getMethod ()
string getHeader (in string name)
string getContentType ()
string getRealPath (in string path)
string getPathTranslated ()
wstring getParameter (in wstring name, in wstring def)
void setParameter (in wstring name, in wstring value)
nsIInputStream getInputStream ()

Detailed Description

The uuid is a unique number identifying the interface normally called IID.

It can be generated as follows:

Windows: guidgen.exe Unix: uuidgen which comes with e2fsprogs package Mac: ??? All platform: Using irc, connect to and type in /join mozilla /msg mozbot uuid

Definition at line 26 of file px7IRequest.idl.

Member Function Documentation

string px7IRequest::getContentType ( )

string px7IRequest::getHeader ( in string name )

nsIInputStream px7IRequest::getInputStream ( )

string px7IRequest::getMethod ( )

wstring px7IRequest::getParameter ( in wstring name,
in wstring def )

string px7IRequest::getPathTranslated ( )

string px7IRequest::getRealPath ( in string path )

string px7IRequest::getServerName ( )

void px7IRequest::setParameter ( in wstring name,
in wstring value )

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